Community Fund

Graze Festival is a not-for-profit enterprise, run to raise funds to support local charities and good causes in the community. Surpluses from each summer’s festival are set aside in a fund administered by a local charity and distributed to applicants based upon a simple set of criteria.

The Graze fund is open to applications at the end of each year, once the surplus from each year’s festival is finalised. Applications must be submitted by the end of January each year. A small group of trustees will then consider each application on merit and award funds accordingly by the end of February.

Applications to the Graze Fund for 2016/17 are now closed. Applications for the 2017/18 community fund should be made before 31st January 2018 via the application form:

If your organisation would like to be considered for assistance from the Graze Fund, then it will need to submit an application, so long as it meets the following criteria: